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Tso-Kang Wang


Tso-Kang is a senior research engineer at TaylorMade Golf Company, focusing on producing the best golf equipment in the world. He received his Ph.D. degree from Florida State University working on fluid-structure interaction and flow control. He received his MS degree from National Taiwan University in 2016 with research on enabling a bio-inspired robot to traverse rough terrain with a model-based control method. He received his BS degree in physics in 2014 from NTU.

This website is my ever-growing time capsule, freezing every bit of the best, the worst, and the most unforgettable moment in words and frames. 

Curriculum Vitae

(Updated 03/2023, download pdf)

Professional Experiences

Senior Research Engineer, TaylorMade Golf Company, Carlsbad, US, 2023.01 - present

  • Golf ball research and product development

Graduate Research Assistant, Florida State University, Tallahassee, US, 2017.08 - 2022.12

  • Modeling and controlling fluid-structure interaction systems involving compliant surfaces. [research details]

    • Active flow control with morphing surfaces

    • Modal analysis for transient responses

    • Flow-informed structural health monitoring

    • Peripheral leakage patterns of facemasks

Hardware Engineer & Operations Manager, FLUX Inc., Taipei, Taiwan, 2015.01 - 2016.07

  • Managed the Kickstarter campaign that raised over USD $1.6 million for the modular 3D printer, FLUX Delta.

  • Cooperated with KENTEC Inc. for mass production and fulfilled all pre-order units by end of 2016.

  • Designed the first iteration of the multi-functional holder module which can switch between laser engraving, vinyl cutting and drawing toolheads with SOLIDWORKS.

  • Led the customer communication and support team which delivered bi-weekly communication newsletters, provided technical support, and managed Zendesk help center.

  • FLUX Delta claimed the 2016 CES Innovation Awards, 2016 Red Dot Design Award and 2016 iF Gold Award.

Graduate Research/Teaching Assistant, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, 2014.09 - 2016.06

  • Expanded a reduced-order model to include energy input and dissipation and terrain interactions for enabling fast traversing of an insect-inspired hexapod robot under unknown ground conditions.

  • Utilized nonlinear optimization techniques to determine the stable criteria of the model in MATLAB.

  • Developed a hybrid position-force control scheme with LabVIEW for enabling steady robot running motion.

  • Designed experimental apparatus with Vicon motion capture system for 3D robot posture tracking.

  • Drafted quiz and lecture slides and delivered lectures for Automatic Control course.


Ph.D., Florida State University, ME, Tallahassee, USA, 2017.08 - 2022.12

  • Advisor: Kourosh Shoele

  • Research Topic: Fluid-structure interaction, Flow control, Modal analysis

M.S., National Taiwan University, Mechanical Engineering, Taipei, Taiwan, 2014.09 - 2016.06

  • Advisor: Pei-Chun Lin

  • Thesis Title: Running of a hexapod robot on viscoelastic terrain by using a torque-actuated, dissipative and spring-loaded inverted pendulum model with rolling contact

B.S., National Taiwan University, Physics, Taipei, Taiwan, 2010.09 - 2014.06

  • Undergraduate Research Advisor: Hong-Ren Jiang

  • Research Topic: Direct Measurement of non-equilibrium depletion interaction of colloids in flow

Research Interests

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Fluid-Structure Interaction

  • High Performance Computing

  • Modal Analysis

  • Active Flow Control

  • Bio-inspired Robotics

  • Structural Health Monitoring

  • Nonlinear Dynamics

  • Reduced Order modeling

  • Optimization

Volunteering and Leadership Experiences

Co-Chair and Co-Founder, ME Graduate Student Association, Florida State University, 2019.09 - 2022.05

  • Co-founded the first graduate student association in the college of engineering.

  • Cooperated with Challenger Learning Center and local high school to communicate with the public about the importance of supporting technological development.

President, Students' Society of Department of Physics, National Taiwan University, 2012.08 - 2013.07

Publications & Academic Activities

Journal Publications

  • Wang, Tso-Kang, and Kourosh Shoele. "Mode competition in a plunging foil with an active flap: A multiscale modal analysis approach." Phys. Rev. Fluids 7 (2022): 044701. [link]

  • Wang, Tso-Kang, Tomas Solano, and Kourosh Shoele. "Bridge the gap: correlate face mask leakage and facial features with 3D morphable face models." J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol (2021): 1-9. [link]

  • Wang, Tso-Kang, and Kourosh Shoele. "Geometrically weighted modal decomposition techniques." Journal of Fluid Mechanics 911 (2021). [link]

  • Hu, Chia-Jui, Tso-Kang Wang, Chun-Kai Huang, and Pei-Chun Lin. "A torque-actuated dissipative spring loaded inverted pendulum model with rolling contact and its application to hexapod running." Bioinspiration & biomimetics 14.2 (2019): 026005. (First two authors contributed equally) [link]

Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings

  • Wang, Tso-Kang, Akriti Tripathi, Al Shahriar, Vahid Tavanashad, Rajan Kumar, and Kourosh Shoele. "Flow-Informed Vibration-Based Health Monitoring Technique." AIAA Aviation 2021 Forum. 2021. [link]

  • Rosenberg, Kevin T., Albert Medina, Tso-Kang Wang, and Kourosh Shoele. "Resolvent Analysis of Morphing Bodies." AIAA Aviation 2021 Forum. 2021. [link]

  • Wang, Tso-Kang, and Kourosh Shoele. "Identification of Transient Modes During Formation and Detachment of a Laminar Separation Bubble using Kernel Mode Decomposition." AIAA Scitech 2021 Forum. 2021. [link]

  • Richardson, Ross, Tso-Kang Wang, Louis N. Cattafesta, and Kourosh Shoele. "Dynamics of a Separation Bubble Subject to Compliant Surface Motion." AIAA Aviation 2019 Forum. 2019. [link]

  • Wang, Tso-Kang, and Kourosh Shoele. "Aeroelastic flutter in the presence of an active flap." 2018 Fluid Dynamics Conference. 2018. [link]

  • Chen, Chung-Li, Tso-Kang Wang, Chia-Jui Hu, and Pei-Chun Lin. "Model-based dynamic gait in a quadruped robot with waist actuation." 2016 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). IEEE, 2016. [link]

Technical Presentation​​

  • Wang, Tso-Kang, and Kourosh Shoele. "Kernel Mode Decomposition for Time-Frequency Localization of Transient Flow." APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting. 2021. [link]

  • Shoele, Kourosh, and Tso-Kang Wang. "Geometrically Weighted Modal Decomposition Method for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems." AIAA Aviation 2021 Forum. 2021. (Invited talk as presenter)

  • Wang, Tso-Kang, and Kourosh Shoele. "Aeroelastic Flutter of an Airfoil in the Presence of an Active Flap." APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting. 2020. [link]

  • Shoele, Kourosh, and Tso-Kang Wang. "Geometrically-weighted Modal Analysis Technique." APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting. 2019. (Second author was the presenter) [link]

  • Wang, Tso-Kang, and Kourosh Shoele. "Separation Bubble Subject to a Compliant Surface: A Linear Approach." APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting. 2019. [link]

  • Wang, Tso-Kang, and Kourosh Shoele. "Stability Analyses of a Foil with an Active Trailing-edge Flap." APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting. 2018. [link]

Poster Presentation

  • Tso-Kang Wang, Hong-Ren Jiang, “Direct Measurement of non-equilibrium depletion interaction of colloids in flow.” 2014 Annual meeting of PSROC, 2014

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